WD Enhancer


WD Enhancer
The plugin's standout feature is its Colour selection, offering three distinct tones to enhance your audio. The Blue setting delivers a smooth and airy high-end, perfect for adding depth to your low-end frequencies. Orange brings warmth and full-bodied richness to your sound, while Red offers clarity, punchiness, and a touch of heat, ideal for making your tracks stand out.

In addition to its versatile Colour options, WD Enhancer includes a comprehensive Compressor with three distinct styles: Opto, Fet, and Bus. Each style offers unique characteristics to suit different audio sources and genres. The plugin also features a mix control (Dry/Wet) for seamless integration into your mix, giving you precise control over the level of compression applied.

One of WD Enhancer's standout tools is its 1-Knob Stereo Image control, allowing you to effortlessly expand the stereo width of your mix. This feature adds depth and dimension to your audio, creating a more immersive listening experience for your audience.

Compatible with ALL of leading DAW