MultiDrive Pro



Introducing MultiDrive Pro, the ultimate Multi Mode Saturator Plugin designed to elevate your audio tracks to new heights by infusing warmth, crunch, and clarity. This versatile plugin empowers you to shape and define your sound with precision, offering a range of features and modes that cater to your creative needs.


Elevate your music production with MultiDrive Pro, the go-to Multi Mode Saturator Plugin that empowers you to sculpt your sound with unparalleled warmth, crunch, and clarity. Whether you're working on vocals, instruments, or entire mixes, MultiDrive Pro is your key to unlocking sonic excellence.

Fine-tune the input gain before applying the drive, allowing you to control the intensity of the saturation effect.

Adjust the amount of drive applied to your audio, providing flexibility to achieve the perfect balance between subtle warmth and intense crunch.

Output Gain
Tailor the output gain after applying the drive, ensuring your signal maintains optimal levels while benefiting from the rich saturation.

Blend the original dry signal with the saturated signal using the Mix control, offering a seamless integration of warmth without sacrificing the clarity of your audio.

Mode Selector

Lite Tube:
Infuses a gentle tube saturation for a subtle warmth, perfect for adding character to vocals and instruments.

Warm Tube:
Emulates the warmth of classic tube saturation, ideal for enhancing the richness of your sound.

Clean Tube:
Provides a clean and transparent tube saturation, preserving the natural dynamics of your audio.

Lite Tape:
Introduces a touch of tape saturation, delivering a vintage vibe with a hint of warmth.

Clean Tape:
Offers a clean and precise tape saturation, imparting a classic tape sound to your tracks.

Old Tape:
Mimics the characteristics of aged tape saturation, adding a nostalgic touch to your audio.

Modern Saturator:
Applies a contemporary saturation effect, perfect for modern genres and productions that demand a cutting-edge sound.

Warm Saturator:
Delivers a warm and harmonically rich saturation, enhancing the overall depth and dimension of your audio.

SUPER Saturator:
Pushes the boundaries with intense saturation, giving your tracks a bold and powerful character.

Transformer Drive:
Harnesses the transformative power of saturation, adding a unique and distinct color to your audio with a touch of transformer-style saturation.

Compatible with ALL of leading DAW