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Unlock the full potential of your music with N-COMP A, a groundbreaking audio plugin powered by Neural Capture Technology. Designed to deliver a unique blend of Thick Punch, Crunchiness, and Super Warmth, N-COMP A is your go-to tool for enhancing drums, bass, guitar, synth, and mixbus tracks.

Neural Capture Technology Audio Compressor

Emulation Custom Tube Analog Compressor: Experience the warmth and character of vintage analog compressors with modern digital precision. N-COMP A's emulation brings out the richness in your audio like never before.

Drive Characteristic for Enhanced Harmonics: Dial in the perfect amount of drive to add depth and dimension to your sound. Explore a wide range of harmonic textures for a truly customized audio experience.

N-STYLE Compression Selection: Tailor your compression style with N-STYLE, offering multiple modes to suit your musical genre and production needs. From subtle smoothing to aggressive dynamics shaping, N-COMP A has you covered.

Dry/Wet Function: Achieve the ideal balance between processed and original audio with the versatile Dry/Wet function. Preserve dynamics while adding just the right amount of compression for a polished, professional sound.

Output Gain Trim: Fine-tune your output levels with precision using the Output Gain Trim control. Maintain consistent levels and optimize your mix for maximum impact.

Compatible with ALL of leading DAW