Opto Core 1-Knob Compressor


Unleash the power of analog emulation with the WD Opto Core, an optical compressor embedded with a cutting-edge neural engine. A remarkable evolution in audio processing, the WD Opto Core draws inspiration from the timeless appeal of analog optical compressors, adding a fresh, modern twist that integrates seamlessly with today’s digital production environments.


Crafted meticulously to deliver an abundance of warmth and saturation, the WD Opto Core is the ideal plugin to glue up your track, injecting richness and coherence into every component. Its performance truly shines when applied to Drum Bus, Instrument Bus, Mixbus, and Master Bus, allowing your sound elements to come together for a harmonious mix.

At the heart of the WD Opto Core lies a user-friendly interface that will have both amateur and professional audio engineers mastering its capabilities in no time. With a unique One-Knob control, adjusting gain reduction becomes an effortless task. This control is ingeniously coupled with an auto make-up function that maintains the ideal output level, regardless of how much compression is applied.

Compatible with ALL of leading DAW