Ruby Velvet EQ


Ruby Velvet Non EQ


Enhance your audio with Ruby Velvet, an exquisite audio plugin designed to infuse your tracks with the velvety warmth of silk harmonics distortion. This cutting-edge plugin utilizes advanced neural network technology inspired by the RN-Transformer, ensuring a rich and gentle audio experience. Whether you’re working with vocals, guitars, bass, mix buses, or mastering, Ruby Velvet is your key to achieving audio perfection.


Why Ruby Velvet?

Audio enthusiasts and professionals alike seek that elusive warmth and richness that can take their music or sound production to the next level. Ruby Velvet is here to provide that magic touch. Whether you’re working on a vocal track, strumming your guitar, laying down basslines, or refining your mixbus and master bus, Ruby Velvet is the versatile solution you’ve been waiting for.


Silk Harmonics Distortion
Ruby Velvet specializes in silk harmonics distortion, adding a layer of depth and richness to your audio that’s hard to achieve with traditional plugins.

Neural Network Technology
Inspired by the RN-Transformer, Ruby Velvet harnesses the power of cutting-edge neural networks to ensure pristine audio processing.

Ruby Velvet is your all-in-one audio enhancement tool, suitable for a wide range of applications, including vocals, guitars, bass, mix buses, and master buses.

Compatible with ALL of leading DAW