WD STATE-1 delivers a highly analog sound, offering top-end brilliance and a robust bottom end in its EQ.

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What's WD STATE-1

The WD-STATE 1 is a neural emulation solid-state preamp and equalizer, designed to bring a super analog sound to your audio. It features an advanced 2-band analog EQ with controls for High and Low Frequencies. This device captures the essence of classic analog gear while incorporating modern technology for enhanced audio performance.


PRE-AMP Drive: Controls the input signal into the preamp to achieve a desired level of saturation.

PRE-AMP Model Selection: Choose from six unique preamp models: Clean, Clean Warm, Solid Drive, Red Drive, Ultra Drive, and Crunch Drive.

AGX Super Analog X Technology: Delivers a super analog sound with deep, clean, and clear audio quality. Features linear phase, ultra-high sample rates and anti-aliasing technology. Note: This function is CPU-intensive, so use it carefully.
High Frequency Adjustment: Adjust the gain of high frequencies to add clarity and brilliance to your sound.

Low Frequency Adjustment: Adjust the gain of low frequencies to add depth and warmth to your sound.

Compatible with ALL of leading DAW