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WD Tank Suite

Tank Series

The WD Tank Suite contains all of 5 Tank Plugin.

These plugins will make your mix and mastering to more immersive and the way to fasten to get mixing and mastering.


Tank EQ Mastering

WD Tank EQ was the Mid/Side and Stereo Equalizer to adjust your tonal and balanced your frequency for mixing and mastering

The WD Tank EQ can be adjusted up to 8 Bands per channel, including High Shelf , Bell and low shelf, and also has a high pass and low pass with selectable slope.


Tank Compressor Mastering

WD Tank Compressor Mastering was the Mid/Side and Stereo Compressor to adjust your dynamic each channel for mixing and mastering.

The WD Tank Compressor can be adjusted Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Make up and S/C HPF each channel.


Tank EQP-1A

Universally Analog EQs original from EQP-1A. based on passive filter circuited.

It was emulation from original hardware so it obviously colour in your mix track.

Adds saturation like original hardware with filling more impressive things from Machine Learning Algorithm.


Tank Maximizer

WD Tank Mastering Maximizer, Powerful maximizer and easiest way to make up your mixing track into mastering section.

1-Knob to turn up your gain to get maximizer power in your track.

Come with ceiling selection and MM-Mode to transparent mode or x-wide mode.


Tank Checker

Assist you in testing your sound in a variety of simulated environments. There are up to seven different locations to choose from.

It can assist you in selecting the appropriate mix or master adjustment with precision and accuracy.